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Far east asian cuisine thousands of years in the making.

What is “Chasu”?

In Cantonese cuisine, “char siu” or “chasu” (叉燒) is a method of flavoring barbecued pork and is extremely popular in many Asian countries. In Hong Kong, “chasu” is typically purchased in a “siu mei” (燒味) establishment, a place that specializes in Cantonese roasted meat dishes. In addition to Chinese cuisine, “chasu” pork has been adapted into Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Pacific Rim cuisines.

The Inspiration

The first Chasu restaurant opened in 2016, but our story started several years before that, when we began playing with the idea of serving up authentic East Asian food in a way that would appeal to the American market. Noting that many people enjoyed convenience without sacrificing quality, we started to expand on the idea that would become Chasu.

What came about is a brand of food that is all its own. Drawing from the cuisines of China, Korea, and Japan, Chasu brings together the flavors that are the staples of each in a new way.

Convenience with quality

Today, Chasu allows you to experience East Asian cuisine in your own way. Serving up food in an assembly line style, we give you full control of your meal by allowing you to build your own rice or noodle bowl. Choose your base, and then pick from a variety of different proteins, sauces, and garnishes to finish it off.

Your bowl will come together before your eyes, and with so many different ways in which you can assemble your meal, you can be sure that your dining experience will always be an adventure.